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The most recent pictures and the students’ work will be displayed on this page. These can be reflections about official school events or responses to more personal learning moments or daily “aha’s” at LISA-JUNIOR.


international day - text

international day 1

international day 2


During this special week we start off our school days with a 20 minutes story telling session.

book week 2
bookweek 1Since the book week started some really strange things happened in our school.  In the late morning hours students discovered a strange object on the school field.


As we were not quite sure what it was, we informed a scientist from the nearby University. Multiple tests were carried out to ensure that the object was non-explosive. Moreover it was investigated whether this could be an egg of a dinosaur descendent. He took some probes that showed negative results for toxicology and he could confirm that this is a non-hazardous item.

As everybody has seen and discovered so many different things around this object teachers give the students a chance to write  or draw about their findings and investigations.



home January


“I am so tired and I am so hot….. but I am happy that I finished 55 laps……. and I could help!!!” – a wonderful attitude for a seven year old!!

It was the third time that our Walk-a-thon took place and it again was a great success. On May 23 at 8.30 am LISA-JUNIOR students were excited and highly motivated to give their best for charity. For two hours 130 students were running as fast as they could to finish as many laps as possible. Many parent helpers cheered the runners on and others prepared a wonderful healthy snack for them.

After almost two hours in the sunshine everybody was exhausted and tired and ready for our big TOMBOLA. Amongst many wonderful prices, the main prices were four Kindle e-readers and a digital camera.
Congrats to our winners!

walkathon 1

walkathon 2

Walkathon 3


walkathon 5



Festival 1 Festival 2 Festival 4 Festival 5 Festival 6 Festival 7 festival 8 Festival 9 Festival 10  Festival 11


Festival 10a



136 children from 36 nations gave LISA Junior School a great reason to celebrate International Day on the 31st of October. It was the first time this event has been held at the school and teachers,  the PTO,  parents and pupils worked hard to make it a huge success. The event was organized as a celebration of the cultural diversity that makes up the Lisa Junior School Community. It was a chance to embrace the traditions of each  nation.

 The day got off to a lively start with a colourful flag parade.  The children, dressed in their nation’s traditional clothes, marched proudly behind their country’s flag. The parents clapped loudly as Mrs Untersperger introduced and welcomed each nation.  It was a proud moment for the children as they were clapped and cheered into the hall!

 The atmosphere was buzzing with nerves and excitement as the first performance was announced. Parents and children had been invited to share a traditional song, dance or poem from their country.  They had been practicing together for weeks and on the day they did not disappoint. All 15 acts were truly excellent and it was wonderful to see families and friends joining together to share their traditions.

 After the final act, parents and  pupils were invited to enjoy a wonderful buffet with a real international flavour! The PTO and parents had prepared delicious platters of international food for everyone to sample. 

 The first International Day Celebration at Lisa Junior School was superb. The feedback from parents and pupils has been excellent. It is certainly an event to mark in your calendar for next year. Everyone is invited!

Internat. Day 1Int. Day 3Int. Day 4Int. Day 5


Working with a real ScientistA day full of questions, answers and excitement

My name is Christina Untersperger and I graduated from LISA in 2005. I am currently finishing off my PhD at the National Institute for Medical Research in London where I’ve been based for almost four years. The Medical Research Council, who has been funding my work in the lab, is celebrating their centenary this year and to honor the occasion they have organized a project called “100 years, 100 scientists, 100 schools “. The aim of it is for scientists like me to promote our chosen career path to children of all ages by going to schools and running workshops for the kids.

I’m a virologist so I decided to teach the kids about DNA. DNA is our genetic blue print, contained within every single cell in our body. Every person has slight variations in their DNA and that is what makes an individual unique. I described this to students of the 3rd and 4th grade at LISA Junior by using the analogy of a cake recipe. A chocolate brownie differs from a Victoria sponge; therefore each one requires a different recipe. My workshop was based on a “Who stole the cookies?” crime scene. I told the children that I’d brought in some treats and left them in the classroom, only to find that a cookie thief was in our midst. The suspects were Ms. Maier and Mr. Reither because both of them behaved suspiciously when I confronted them about the missing cookies. I prepared tree vials of “DNA” telling the kids that one was taken from the crime scene and one from each suspect. We used the three samples to do some gel electrophoresis; every child was allowed to load a small amount into an agarose gel. Of course they had to wear gloves, safety specs and a lab coat! After everyone had their turn I applied an electric current to the gel tank. As DNA is negatively charged it migrates through the gel, with the smaller pieces moving faster and hence further down the gel creating a unique pattern. After a few minutes the “DNA” had separated into different sized pieces allowing the kids to visualize which suspect’s DNA was the same as the one isolated from the crime scene. Meanwhile, my assistant Ali, an 11th grade student from LISA, was busy building models using colored beads to further teach the children about the double helix structure of DNA. The kids had to build one chain, cut it at specific places that “DNA scissors” recognized and then determine whether their fragments matched those from another strand of DNA from the crime scene. I was really surprised that most children seemed to fully understand what they were doing. Also, many of them asked me questions about things that I would have thought were far beyond their scope.

For the 1st and 2nd graders I ran a different workshop. Again it was based around a crime scene. However, in this one the kids used color chromatography to solve the crime. A felt tip pen has a unique pattern when applied to filter paper and allowed to diffuse with water. We used a note that the thief left behind and compared the pattern of the colors from the pen used in the note to the patterns of markers found on the suspect’s (Ms. Lovasz and Mrs. Untersperger) desks.

All in all I really enjoyed my day at LISA Junior. Running the workshops and making sure we actually solved the crime correctly was quite hectic but I do think it was all worthwhile. My aim was to spark an interest in science in the children and I think I have achieved that. I hope I was able to convey to them that what I do on a daily basis is really interesting and exciting. I know first hand what a difference being taught by someone who really cares about their subject makes; I am certain that had it not been for my biology teacher’s (Mr. Kim) fascination with his own field of expertise I wouldn’t have been quite so taken by it myself and would not have gone on to pursue a career as a scientist.

Mangala Halatschek, student of 4e, performed our school song during a concert of her music class. She wrote the notes to the song and taught her classmates the body movements which she new from school.

We are so proud of you, Mangala!

View Mangala at

Congratulations to Daniel Liebig – student of 2e. He won the “Prima La Musica” contest for horn for his age group!

View Daniel at

A Christmas Concert for “HABAU”

Our school choir was invited to sing during the Christmas Party of “HABAU”. The students were excited as it was basically the first time ever they could perform on stage and this in front of 500 people.

Christmas 2012 at LISA-JUNIOR

On Thursday, Dec. 20th LISA-JUNIOR celebrated the “Festival of Light, Peace and Family”. It was truly a family event, with great performances and a wonderful international buffet.

Thanks to the PTO for helping to make this event a special one.

May 10th, 2012 – Walk-a-thon Donation Run

108 students, close to 30 nationalities, 5 classes -1 cause: walk!

May 10th, 2012 marked a very special day for Lisa-Junior. This year we held the first ever “Lisa-Junior walk-a-thon” to raise money for the Austrian Kinderkrebshilfe as well as raising funds for a school-own IT-cart.

Everybody walked his pace, everybody did what he could, everybody gave the best; completed rounds were tracked on a tally sheet pinned to the back.

All students greatly enjoyed the sporty challenge as they completed round after round. Upon feeling weak, children got back to strength with a cup of water and snacks provided, some searched for a shady place under the picnic tables and others stretched out in the grass.

However, it didn’t take long for everybody to be back on the track, walking for the cause. By the time the final lap was completed, tally sheets were full, students were totally exhausted but happy and everybody agreed that this day was a full success in every aspect.

May 10th, 2012 – Pottery workshop

MADE BY YOU – was the motto for all LISA-JUNIOR students in early May.

Mrs. Dana Mufti-Hamwi, the owner of the Made-by-You shop in Linz, offered to run a workshop with all classes and to donate the money that we spent on them to our school.

Even though the children had to work in detail, the masterpieces turned out really nicely and the kids loved bringing their little pieces of art home.

One of the best things about this fun and exciting day was that Mrs. Mufti-Hamwi donated 1000 Euros to our school. This money will be saved and is another step towards our computer project.

Thank you to

Made-by- you

Skiing Day at Kirchschlag

As our first skiing day on February 17th had to be postponed due to the miserable weather situation we hoped for brilliant weather when we made our second attempt. But…..

..the weather was snowy, …..


…..and winterly cold.

But real sportsmen enjoyed the day outside.

..from the ELC up to grade 4…

….. were busy,….

….. had fun,…..

and enjoyed….

…a terrific teaching free day.

Even teacher…..

…had a wonderful time….

…out in the snow.

Christmas Time at LISA-JUNIOR

If you come to LISA-JUNIOR you feel the spirit of Christmas. Kids try to be good, “Secret Santas” running through the school house, Advent calendars need to be opened, the candles on the Advent wreath get lit and make the rooms brighter and our Christmas tree looks prettier every day. It is hard to teach when the first snow falls….this is definitely more important than German, Math or English.












Our beautiful Christmas tree was decorated by all classes and the After School Care. The students love it….. the fuller it gets the closer the time until Christmas Eve.

September 12, 2011

LISA-JUNIOR is celebrating it’s independence. Everybody could make a wish before he let go his balloon!!!



A wonderful way to start a great school year!!


Get to Know LISA-JUNIOR –

4e students report

A Day in the Life of LISA Jr.!!!

In the hallway in the morning we always have to wait until the bell rings at 7:35. When the bell rings we have to go into the changing room and put our house shoes on and take our jacket off. Next we go into our class and wait until the third bell rings at 7:50. Until then we can play and get ready for our first hour.
First we have two hours with a five minute break in between. Then have big break where we go outside and eat our snack for 15 minutes. After that we have again two more hours with a five minute break in between.
Next we have a lunch break. The kids who paid can eat the school lunch and it’s sometimes really good. After a while the kids go outside. There is group 1, group 2, and group 3. We stay a little while outside and then have to line up and go back to our classrooms. Straightaway we have two more hours of school.
Sometimes there are after school activities. So some kids have more school. But school is actually out at 1:45. But there is sometimes early release so then we are out at 11:35. But the kids who have lunch eat and then go home if it´s early release.
These were the days of Lisa Junior!!!!

by: Naomi Cladovan


Every second Tuesday at 12:15 in the afternoon we start handicrafts. We split the class into two groups and one group stays in the class and does textiles while the other group goes down with Ms. Soto into the handicraft room and does woodwork.
I liked doing an elephant in handicrafts and it was really interesting to make. First we cut out two elephant shapes each one with a different color paper. Then we cut out two white tusks and made sure the tail was properly cut out. After that we made a school schedule to stick on the elephant when it would be finished. And to make it even more life like we put some wool in between elephants before we stuck it together.
We also make other interesting things which when they are finished you are allowed to take home. Textiles is with Mrs. Knapp and you make lots of things out of wool for example: knitting table mats and sewing funny patterns.

By Aline Varty

Physical Education

P.E. is a time for you to run around, be loud and let go of all the energy that you have. P.E. starts right after lunch break every Thursday. There are a lot of games that you can play like: snowball, stations, dodgeball, and lots more.
Snowball is a game where five kids stand in the middle and try to shoot you with soft balls. You can hide behind a mat for five seconds. Then you have to try not to be shot with a ball. If you get shot you have to go to the gym teacher and he or she will tell you which mat to hold. The person that held the mat before you is then allowed to hide and run.
The first game you start off with is Sharks and Minnows. Sharks and Minnows works like this: one catcher is in the middle of the gym and all the others on one wall of the gym. When the gym teacher says, “Minnows go!” all the kids on the wall try to run to the other side of the gym while the person in the middle tries to catch you. But before you play that game you run laps around the gym and do stretches.
After Sharks and Minnows, laps, and stretching you can vote for any games you know. Sometimes we even go to a climbing wall and climb to the top. It is lots of fun. Have fun in PE and have a good time in LISA Jr.!

By Kian Wiesinger


Every Friday the class 4e has drama. Drama is the last class on Friday and it´s two hours long. We call our drama teacher Mrs. Fossy. In drama we make messages and learn how to play in a theater. We play many games, but during the games we also learn.

By Marlene Prieschl

Recess and Lunch

When we come to school we first have one hour of school.
Then we have a little BREAK which is 5 minutes long. In BREAK we have to go to the toilet if we must and prepare for the next lesson. We also play a little bit.
After each lesson except in the afternoon we have a break or recess. We have a big RECESS which is 15 minutes long. We go outside, play, and eat our snack. Then after the 3rd lesson we again have one small BREAK, which is also 5 minutes long.
After lesson four we have LUNCH. We get half an hour to eat. Not all the children eat the lunch from school. Some bring their own food. And if we have early release some children eat at home and some at school. After LUNCH we have another RECESS which is 15 minutes long. Then we have two hours in the afternoon. In these two hours there are no breaks and no recesses. After these two hours school is over.

This is how the lunch, recess, break-system
works every day.

By Philipp Wied

Mrs. Untersperger is our art teacher. We do art on Mondays after lunch for two hours a week. We draw anything we like.
We draw anything in art such as: a human being, an animal, trees, and monkeys. Art makes me feel happy sometimes. I like drawing books, animals and the sky.
Sometimes we play and do art, art is my best subject and my classmates like it too.
We also did hammering, it was really great. I like hammering because it was really loud. We hammered till we made a fish. I like hammering.
We made a puppet and it came from INDONESIA. I liked to do the puppet!!!

By Nnena Anyadiona

In IT we learn about how to type a story. Or we play math, science, or English games. We have IT every Wednesday with Mr. Lyke. It´s fun because we learn and also have free time. Free time is 5-10 minutes before the bell rings, in that time you can go onto the Internet or play a game on your computer.
There are 22 computers and 2 Laptops in the IT room. Mr. Lyke sometimes shows us new Math websites.
I remember the first IT lesson we sat at a computer and kept raising our hand because we didn´t know how to start the computer or the password we also didn´t know. It was the worst afternoon in Mr. Lyke’s whole life I think. But now we know the password and all that stuff. Now it works much better. I think everyone likes IT in LISA Jr.

By Oscar Lindner


Every Thursday we have one hour of Music. In Music we practice singing like from one side of the mouth. Music is the time we can have a type of fun.
Our music teacher Ms. Soto normally walks with us into her own classroom where she practices different notes and singing songs. Music is in the fourth hour. Actually nearly everyone in the twenty-four student 4th grade likes music.
Sometimes people which play an instrument play a song for the whole grade. Now we are learning notes and how to write them. Sometimes we learn about famous composers like Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, etc…
It`s very interesting. We learn from where they come from and how they became that famous.

By Brian Lindner


Last year grade 3 went to “Losenstein” for three days. There we had very yummy lunch and we had to make our own bed. That was hard!!!
The next day we went to the old ruins. There we played very many games like for example “Lava river”. There we had to choose one person who carried us to the other side but we only could use one time the magic boot to go over the hot lava.
When we went to our bed we all said good night and slept very tight. The next day we went to the old ruins again, but this time we went a little bit later because we wanted to make our bonfire and grill our yummy marshmallows. That we did!
Then we had to leave Losenstein. Our parents were waiting! Bye bye LOSENSTEIN!!!

By Yunji Kim

Field Trips

Field trips are very fun and you learn something while you have a lot of fun. We went to a Mosque. We learned that Muslims believe in one god Allah. Everyone has to take off their shoes in a Mosque. They have to make a ritual washing before they enter a Mosque. Islam is the second biggest religion in the world! The Muslims have a lot of rituals, I will tell you some of them. One is Bayram, the other ones are Ramadan and Idul Fitri.
We also went to a Synagogue. A woman told us the Synagogue got burned down once in the Second World War. They rebuilt it. The Jews speak Hebrew. The men need to wear a hat in the Synagogue, it means God is over us. The holy book is called the Thora Rolle.
We also went on another field trip to Losenstein. Losenstein was fun as far as I know. We met two people, they took care of us and showed us a lot of interesting games. We played ball toss and more funny games. Everyday was fun, but we had to leave after three days.

By Paul Nimmervoll

October 2010

Lunch time at LISA-JUNIOR

Imagine 86 students age 6 to 10 having lunch together…………..We know it is hard to imagine. You might think about the noise, the clacking of plates and cuttleries, the chatting of all those kids, broken plates, scrummage and impatient students.

We are proud to show that lunch time can be different and our students enjoy the silence during their meals.

Lunchtime (38 MB)

September / October 2010

4e was working on “Beliefs, Traditons and Rituals”.

Throughout this unit students learned to be proud of their own beliefs, values, and traditions and are now able to cherish other people’s beliefs, values, and traditions.

The movie shows an art class, where 4e was working on a traditional Nigerian hammering picture.

Nigerian Hammering Art (movie 32MB)

“FACES” – April 9th, 2010









Ich bin Fabian und besuche die 3.e Klasse der LISA-JUNIOR. Das Lisa Gymnasium veranstaltete im Neuen Rathaus eine Show namens “Faces”. Das war eine ganz große Veranstaltung. Wir sangen vier Lieder aus vier verschiedenen Ländern, dazu tanzten und bewegten wir uns alle gleichzeitig. Wochenlang übten wir mit Ms. Soto. Endlich war Freitag, der 9. April. Ich war total aufgeregt. Gemeinsam mit meiner Familie fuhr ich ins Rathaus. Als wir dort ankamen, kam ich aus dem Staunen nicht mehr raus. Hunderte von Menschen waren schon dort. Die Schüler des Gymnasiums hatten ganz viele Stände von verschiedenen Ländern aufgebaut. Man konnte die unterschiedlichsten Köstlichkeiten essen und trinken. Es wurden Spielsachen verkauft, um Geld für Haiti zu sammeln. Mein Opa hat den Schülern das Geld so gegeben. Dann war es soweit. Unser Auftritt kam. Alle Kinder hatten eine blaue Jeans und ein weißes T-Shirt an. Wir malten Flaggen von den einzelnen Ländern, damit alle Zuschauer wussten, wo die Kinder der LISA-JUNIOR herkommen. Es wurde dunkel im Saal. Die Bühne war voller Licht. Die Musik fing an zu spielen und wir marschierten ein. Ich war total stolz. Ich habe noch nie vor so vielen Leuten gesungen und getanzt. Ich war voll konzentriert. Die Besucher klatschten ganz laut, als unser Auftritt zu Ende war. Meine Mama war total glücklich uns sehr stolz auf mich. Opa und Oma kauften mir als Erinnerung ein T-Shirt von Faces. Für mich war es ein ganz tolles Erlebnis. So viele Menschen aus verschiedenen Ländern in einem Raum habe ich vorher noch nie gesehen.

(Fabian Baschinger, 3e)

FACES war ein Fest von der LISA und der LISA-JUNIOR. Das Fest wurde im Neuen Rathaus veranstaltet. Meine Eltern und meine Großeltern waren auch da. Jeder von der LISA-JUNIOR musste ein weißes T-Shirt und eine blaue Hose tragen. Die LISA-JUNIOR Klassen traten als Erste auf. Wir sind mit unseren Fahnen herein marschiert. Wir haben vier tolle Lieder gesungen. Ich hatte ein tolles Gefühlt, aber ich war auch ein bisschen aufgeregt. Nach allen Liedern sind wir wieder von der Bühne marschiert. Anschließend haben viele LISA Schüler Musik- und Tanzvorführungen gezeigt. Dazwischen wurden verschiedene Faces von anderen internationalen Schüler gezeigt, die sich auch persönlich und ihre Heimat persönlich vorgestellt haben. Es war richtig toll. Mehrere internationale Eltern haben bei verschiedenen Ständen Speisen, Seifen und andere Sachen verkauft. Am Ende der Vorstellung gab es noch einen riesigen Applaus. Mir haben unsere vier Lieder am besten gefallen. Ich bin froh in eine internationale Schule gehen zu dürfen.

(Tobias Weidinger, 3e)

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