Lisa Junior

School Values

When LISA-JUNIOR was first established in 2008, faculty members and students reflected together about what kind of school they wanted. They decided that the last place they wanted to be was in a school with a “don’t” culture — as in, “don’t do this” and “you are not allowed to do that”. These LISA-JUNIOR community members wanted a school embedded with a culture of positive language and values so they outlined the


  • Respect for Self and Others
  • Respect for Learning
  • Respect for the Planet and its Environment
  • Respect for Leadership
  • Respect for Other Cultures and Languages


At the end of Primary school, students should

  • have a lively curiosity about things
  • be able to build friendship with others
  • be able to think for and express themselves
  • have developed critical thinking
  • have developed understanding of the need for physical and mental balance and personal welfare
  • have developed a sense of caring for others in need of help
  • have developed a sense of honesty, fairness and justice
  • have developed respect for different views, traditions and cultures
  • be able to work in teams
  • believe in their abilities

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