Lisa Junior

Primary Years Programme (4.5 to 11 years)


The PYP curriculum offers a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning. It provides guidelines on teaching methodologies and assessment strategies. This model is expressed through three interrelated questions:

  • What do we want to learn?
  • How best will we learn?
  • How will we know what we have learned?

The PYP curriculum framework is applied in a context defined by six transdisciplinary themes which cover many curriculum areas including maths, science, social studies, physical education and the arts.

These themes are:

  • who we are
  • where we are in place and time
  • how the world works
  • how we express ourselves
  • how we organise ourselves
  • sharing the planet

Within their daily schedule elementary students will investigate six Units of Inquiry throughout the year which last from five to seven weeks each. These units provide the content for the following subjects:

  • English
  • German
  • Mathematics
  • Science & Social Studies
  • Music
  • Information Technology (ICT)
  • Physical Education
  • Arts and Handicrafts
  • Drama
  • Religion Class
  • English for Speakers of other Languages (ESOL)
  • German for Speakers of other Languages (GSOL

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