Lisa Junior

Maria Lauterbach, PE teacher PYP & MYP

I am a native Austrian, born and raised in the city of Linz. I concluded my schooling in Linz and moved on to study a Masters in Physical Education and Geography at the University of Salzburg. I started my professional careers as a teacher at the Kollegium Aloisianum in Linz, where I taught for 13 years. In 1999 my husband’s career path took us in the direction of Düsseldorf, Germany where my further personal and professional development was decisively influenced by the concept of the “Flagship school” : International School of Düsseldorf. I greatly benefitted from the innovation and forward thinking of embracing new ideas, while being in a stimulating and exciting work place.

I consider myself a flexible, cooperative and open minded person, ready to embrace new ideas and apply them to my teaching. I have embraced technology as a transformative tool in the gym and I am always looking ahead to create a fun and stimulating environment for the children. I am a team player and believe that more can be achieved by working together.

As both my sons have graduated ISD and have moved on to the next steps in their future, my husband and I are extremely happy to be moving on to our next step and I look forward to being back in my home country, Austria once again. We both have a love for nature and being outdoors, as I am passionate about biking and hiking while enjoying the beautiful scenery surrounding me.

I look forward to the new experience that Anton Bruckner International School will bring me. And I am proud to sharing my experiences not only with the staff here but being able to help guide, support and encourage the students.


“The future belongs to the curious.The ones who are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke at it, question it, and turn it inside out. – Lovelle Drachman

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