Lisa Junior

Jessica Vitzkotter, PYP 2 teacher

After having lived in South Africa for some years in my childhood and being brought up bilingually, I realised that being able to speak more than one language is an asset. Therefore, teaching English became my passion and I started teaching English through working at “English for Kids” camps in the holidays. After completing my A-levels, I started to work as the assistant to the CEO of a Language Company and in addition as an English trainer in various companies. During my maternity leave I decided that I loved teaching so much that I wanted to become a fully qualified teacher and enrolled at the Private University College of Education, Diocese Linz, where I graduated with honours in June 2017 for lower secondary education. Teaching at an international school fills me with great honour and enthusiasm because the world today is global and it is necessary to create cultural understanding, which the children of Anton Bruckner International School are exposed to. I am proud of being able to teach, guide, support, and accompany children throughout their education at this school as well as being part of an energetic and committed team.

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