Lisa Junior

Nick Waters, PYP 6 teacher

I spent my childhood in a small town on the coast of Wales called Barry. After leaving school with A levels in English, History and Welsh, I went on to achieve a BA (Hons) in Sociology and Media from the University of Exeter. Soon after, I began working in the banking sector, which took me from Wales, to a year in Sydney, Australia and back to Bristol, England. Alongside my regular job in Bristol, I started to volunteer as youth worker for Prince Charles’ charity The Prince´s Trust. This eventually led to a full time job as a youth project trainer in London, writing and delivering induction programmes nationwide.
The next step took me to Upper Austria, where whilst working for various language companies, I discovered my passion for teaching children. As soon as my German skills became efficient enough, I joined the Teaching Academy of Upper Austria and completed my teaching degree. Although joining the profession at a later stage, I believe that working in both private and public sectors in many places has assisted me to become the person and teacher I am today. Setting and achieving your own goals is the empowerment young people need in an ever changing and more flexible world. This is something I endeavour to impart in my daily teaching.

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