Lisa Junior

Sylvia Naglseder, PYP 4 teacher

My name is Sylvia Naglseder and I live in Vöcklabruck, my hometown, where I attended my compulsory education.
After I had finished a secretary apprenticeship, I went to work as an Au Pair in the USA. Four years later, I graduated from the Abend-HAK (busi-ness college) in Vöcklabruck, I moved to Linz to study Primary Education at the PH der Diözese (teaching college).
For almost 20 years, I have been working as a primary teacher and head-master deputy, in Austria and abroad. My teaching education includes a BA of Education and I am certified in Montessori Methodology, Dialogic Learning, Intercultural Teaching and as a student teacher trainer. Moreover, I teach English adult evening classes. After traveling the world in 2013 I longed to work for an international school. Therefore, I joined the LISA JUNIOR, because I strongly believe in the mission of the IB.

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