Lisa Junior

Heather Campbell, PYP 3 teacher & English Coordinator

I was born in the spring of 1970, with a shock of red curly hair and an eye for mischief. As I grew up on the wild and windy west coast of Scotland, I developed a love of being outdoors and spent most of my time at the top of a tree or playing in the rock pools on the beach. I was captivated by all things horsey and spent each Saturday at the stables, caring for and riding the ponies. My family are very musical and I learned to play several musical instruments; in fact, I still play the violin and teach recorder club after school.
I studied for my MA in English Literature and Language at Glasgow University; founded in 1451, it is the fourth oldest university in the UK, and boasts impressive sandstone cloisters and imposing Neo-Gothic vaulted archways. Then I decided to move to the south coast of England to complete a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) at Sussex University in Brighton.
As a child, I always wanted to become a teacher (well, between rather over-optimistic dreams of becoming an opera singer), and remember being rather strict with poor Snowy the teddy bear when she was unable to recite her alphabet! I took to teaching like a duck to water and thoroughly enjoyed working as a primary school teacher in Seaford, Bracknell and inner city Liverpool. Later, I returned to Scotland to spend 3 years as a college lecturer; there I taught the history, creation and implementation of curricula; teaching and learning techniques and Educational Psychology.
‘Home is where the heart is,’ and my heart is in Austria. I have been living here since 2006, I am married to an Austrian and have a bungalow in sunny Sonnberg im Muehlkreis, surrounded by dark forests and lush meadows. I can often be seen on the summit of a mountain or devouring a book by the side of a lake. I also enjoy yoga and gardening.
Education is my passion. The teaching and learning process should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, and the classroom should provide an exciting and positive environment in which each child feels valued. My ardent belief, that every child has the right to achieve their potential, gain confidence and develop social awareness within a caring and fair context, underpins my approach to teaching.
I look forward to many more years supporting children in their quest to broaden their horizons and achieve their goals.

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