Lisa Junior

Lisa “Lili” Denzel, PYP 2 teacher

I was born as the older of two sisters in Linz in 1990. Since my mother is an elementary school teacher, and I had lots of fun creating teaching material from an early age, it was my wish for the longest time to become a teacher, too.
During a school trip to London in grammar school, I discovered my love for the English language and British culture and decided to spend a year in Borehamwood, a small city near London, as an au-pair. The time I spent there reinforced my desire to work with children and, after I returned to Linz, I started teacher training at PH Linz. As part of my teacher training, I spent one semester in Portugal where I had a chance to see different methods of teaching.
Teaching in an international classroom means teaching a classroom full of students with varied and unique backgrounds. The student various needs, abilities and capabilities should be supported in the best way possible. I believe students have to be guided to not only accept, but also embrace and benefit from these differences.
Teaching in LISA JUNIOR brings an enormous enrichment to my professional, as well as personal life.

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