Lisa Junior

Doris Maier, PYP 1 teacher, Assistant Principal

My name is Doris Maier and I‘ve been teaching at LISA-JUNIOR since November 2008. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to become a teacher. As a child I liked to “play school” I corrected homework and had a wonderful big “blackboard” called door, to write on. Unfortunately, I was the only one who thought that this was a great idea.
Some facts:
• A year in the USA to work as an Au Pair where I looked after two beautiful girls
• Teacher training and certification at the Federal Pedagogical Academy, Upper Austria (Pädagogische Akademie des Bundes in OÖ)
• I am a trained teacher for elementary and special school
• Before I started working at LISA-JUNIOR I worked in an afternoon care of the municipal authority in Linz (Magistratshort Linz).
Teaching international students means to me enrichment in many ways, for example getting to know other cultures and different cultural behaviours, but it also means being more challenged. The children’s backrounds vary more than in any regular school and it’s very important to consider each student and his/her backround.
LISA-JUNIOR is a place where many different cultures come together. The students work together and learn from each other. Working with students from other countries, broadens the children’s horizons as well as mine.
A long-term effect of education needs a setting of a solid basis/foundation, attractive imparting and opportunities for students to work on their own in order to become more independent.

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