Lisa Junior

Gabi Untersperger, Principal

I was born in Vienna and grew up in Salzburg, where I completed my teacher training at the Federal Pedagogical Academy.
In 1984, I moved to Upper Austria, got married and had my four children. In between my maternity leaves, I taught in several primary schools around the Attersee.
In 1994, due to my husband’s job, my family and I moved to Jakarta, Indonesia. I entered the world of international schools and became part of a large global community. The experiences of Jakarta, not only at my children’s school, inspired me and I got to know the international way of teaching, which was so different from the one I was used to.
During this time, I not only visited the international schools in Jakarta, but also some local schools and was shocked by the poverty, but likewise impressed, by the Indonesian teachers, who had to teach under such poor circumstances. For two and half years, my family supported one local school in buying necessary school supplies but also a daily healthy snack for the students.

The five years in Indonesia shaped my teaching and myself as a person.
After having returned to Linz, I continued to teach in an Austrian public school and additionally started my Master Degree of Intercultural Education at the ‘Freie Universiät Berlin’, from which I graduated in 2007.

In February 2008, I received an offer to build up an International Primary School in Linz: LISA-JUNIOR was born.

Teaching international students means  showing openness towards the students and their personal familiar backgrounds. We all benefit from this cultural diversity. It is important to me to strengthen the students’ self-confidence in order to develop a good life-long-learning habit.
I strongly believe that authentic learning only happens when the student is encouraged, motivated and challenged, and gets to change to discover many things for himself.
In my private time I love skiing, hiking, and good literature, but also cooking meals from all over the world, preferably from Indonesia.

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