Lisa Junior

Career at LJ

Working at LISA-JUNIOR International School

LISA-JUNIOR is an IB World School offering the PYP Programme. Extensive co-curricular and athletic activities complement our academic programme. As a start-up school, LISA-JUNIOR has been serving the international and local community by providing dynamic academic programmes to students from 4.5 to twelve years of age since 2008. We are private school, run by a catholic order with more than160 students from 31 different nationalities. We recruit the most caring, competent and committed teachers and staff.
We have grown by 200 % since we opened and are preparing for future growth and changes.
Our student body comes from the families involved in the international business, local business, sports and performing arts spheres in Linz .

Currently all position are filled. Position openings for the 2017/18 school year will be posted by the end of November.










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