Lisa Junior

Fees & Charges

As LISA-JUNIOR is a private school since September 1st, 2015, parents will be asked to pay a monthly tuition fee  (for the next two years, it will be a split fee system).

Our fees are comprised of the following elements.  For additional detailed information, we would invite you to please consult the school office.

1. New students to LISA-JUNIOR:

Yearly Tuiton Fee for PYP 1 to PYP 6                                                   € 1085  (payable 10 x 108,5 €)

Yearly Tuiton Fee for the Early Learning Cemter                             €   400  (payable 10 x 40 €)

Yearly Stationary Fee:                                                                             €  300  (payable 2 x  150 €)

2. LISA-JUNIOR students, who have been enrolled before 2015/16

Yearly Tuition Fee:                                     €   400 (payable 10 x  40 €)

Yearly Stationary Fee:                               €  300  (payable 2 x  150 €)


Supplemental Fees:

  • Hot Lunch :   4,5 € per meal;  (monthly payment with direct debit authorization); see Lunch Sign up
  • After School Care:  variable costs depending on the amount of days, you have registered your child for; see REGISTRATION ASC
  • Curriculum Trips
  • After School Activities
  • Costs for MYP books
  • Examination Fees

Financial Aid

Occasionally, we receive inquiries regarding whether or not LISA-JUNIOR  has a financial aid programme in place for prospective families.  It is important to understand that financial aid at LISA-JUNIOR  is an internal matter and does not have any links with or dependence on any external accrediting body. This means that our annual financial aid budget is quite limited.  On occasion, LISA-JUNIOR will be  able to provide limited financial support on a single-year basis to some of our families who might find themselves experiencing unforeseen and extenuating circumstances. If you require further information, please feel free to contact the school office.

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