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Back to School 2018/19

Although we have just finished the school year 2017/18,  some parents, and maybe students, are already thinking  of the new school year.  Teachers definitely do!!!

This site will help you to get yourself organized for the first days and weeks of the new school year. Please do not hesitate to contact me ( if you have any more questions.

School supply lists for 2018/19


ELC – school supply list 2018-19

grade 1 – school-supply 2018-19

grade 2 – school supply list 2018-19

grade 3 – school supply 2018-19

grade 4 – school supply list 2018-19

grade 5 school supply list 2018-19

grade 6/MYP 1 school supply list 2018/19

grade 7/MYP 2 school supply list 2018/19

grade 8/MYP 3 school supply list 2018/19



Getting ready for the first school week

First Day of School

is Monday, September 10th, 2018

Students, will meet their teachers in the class between 7.45 and 8:00 am; thereafter we will go down to the gym for our first School Assembly. Parents are welcome to join the assembly. Afterwards there will be lessons until 10:40 am; students in the Early Learning Center may stay until 12:00.


“Schultüte” – School Cone for First Graders

It is a tradition in Austria that first graders receive a “Schultüte” from their parents. It is filled with useful things for school e.g. a special pencil, a small book, etc. and some goodies of course.We believe that it is a very nice tradition however parents should decide themselves whether their child should receive one or not. 

The “Schultüte” is usually brought to school and is part of the “First Day of School-Photo”;  it is only opened at home after the first day of school.


School Schedule for the First Week

(Regular schedule from week 2 on: download the schedule for the ELC, for the PYP classes and for the MYP classes)

Early Learning Center

Monday to Friday:           7:30 to 12 noon

Afternnon Care until 5 pm is provided thereafter!



Monday:                            8:00 to 10:40 am

Tuesday to Friday:          7:50 to 10.40 am


PYP 2 to MYP 3

Monday:                                         7:50 to 10:40 am

Tuesday:                                         7:50 to 11.35 am (no hot lunch)

Wednesday to  Friday:                7:50 –   regular schedule (no hot lunch)


After School Care

is open after the students are released. You will have to fill in the registration form  on the first day your child will attend the ASC or you can download it here.  After School Care is open


  • Tuesday, Sept. 11:          from 9:30 am to 4 pm
  • Wednesday, Sept. 12:    from 10:40 am to 5:30 pm
  • Thursday, Sept. 12:        from 10:40 am to 5:30  pm
  • Friday, Sept. 13:              from 10:40 am to 4 pm

After Noon Care for the Early Learning Center


School Lunch

There will be no hot lunch served during the first week of school. If your child needs to stay in the ASC or ELC please prepare some extra packed lunch for him/her. Like the years before, children will cook some soup in order to have something warm to eat.

First lunch will be served on Monday, September 17th.  You will receive the registration form in the school office, with your child’s teacher or download it here


First Parents Evening:

or the Early Learning Center on Tuesday, September 11th at 18:00 in the ELC – class.

for PYP  1 to PYP 5  is  on Wednesday, September 12th at 18:00 pm in your child’s class.

for MYP  1 to MYP 3  is  on Thursday, September 13th at 18:00 pm in your child’s class.



 Final School Schedule

will be handed out during the parents evening.


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