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Who can attend Anton Bruckner International School?

Anton Bruckner International School  was founded to serve the needs of the international community in and around Linz.  Children will be accepted  at Anton Bruckner International School if

a) they come from overseas and will stay in Linz  for some years  or

b) they have to be prepared for an oversea stay with their parents


How would you characterize Anton Bruckner International School ? Why is it different to a standard Austrian School?

Students study all of their lessons in English, except during the German Language Art lessons. Anton Bruckner International School is the only IB authorized Primary School in Upper Austria.  Students learn to show curiosity, to be inquirers, communicaters, open-minded and knowledgeable. Anton Bruckner International School promotes that our students are caring to others and themselves, principled and reflective about their own work.  All staff members are trained regularly in the IB programme and philosophy. The school is commited to the IB philosophy with a strong focus on international-mindedness.


How would you describe the learning environment at Anton Bruckner International School?

“Every day is a happy day” describes our school really well. Students at Anton Bruckner International School love to learn, and love to be at school. We encourage that students ask questions and help them to find the answers to them.  When you enter Anton Bruckner International School you feel the difference immediately.


What happens if my child does not speak English?

It is not necessary  that your child speaks English when entering Anton Bruckner International School. We will support your child with a special programme during the first few months at the school. Very soon you will recognize that your child is able to understand a lot (passive vocabulary) and soon after will start to speak (aktive vocabulary).


What about German? Will it be as strong as in an standard Austrian school?

German is taught 5 lessons a week. During German lesson we group our students by skills, and not by age.  We refer to the Austrian Curriculum in German Language Arts however do not guarantee that your child will reach the same level than in an Austrian school where students have 7 lessons of German a week.


Does school offer hot lunch? Does my child have to eat hot lunch at school?

During our lunch break we offer a freshly cooked meal every day: soup and main course or main course and dessert (see LUNCH). Your child will have the possibilty to taste some typical Austrian specialities like “Apfelstrudel”,  “Erdbeerknödel”, etc. However, if your child does not like to eat hot lunch at school or has any severe allergies parents can provide  packed lunch which your child can enjoy during lunch time (approximately 40 % of our students bring packed lunch from home).


What about homework? Do kids homework and how much?

We have clear regulations – they are  also formulated in our Parents-Students-Handbook, which you will receive upon arriving at Anton Bruckner International School. Homework is essential for our students’ learning outcome. In the ELC children receive a reading homework once in a while. In grade 1 students receive daily homework. In grade 2 to 4 students receive weekly homework assignments.  As reading is of very high importance in our school, we expect parents to read at home with their children on a daily basis. Reading is a part of their daily homework assignment – not only in grade 1!!!


What about class sizes?

Due to the Austrian law there can be up to 25 students in one class.




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