Lisa Junior


You can download most of our internal school forms here:


1. After School Care Registration  REGISTRATION ASC

2. Lunch Registration  Lunch Sign up

3. Paying  Lunch Money  SEPA – Debit – Lunch

4. Educational Contract   Contract of Education

5. Paying School Fees   SEPA – Debit – Fees

6. After School Activities – Registration   – soon to be posted

7. Information in case of a nuclear accident

Declaration – radiation protection

Potassium Tablets – nuclear accident

8. Information about Catholic Religion Class   Registration Religion

9. Bus- and tramticket application online  form

a) Schülerticket (only for the use between home and school during the school year)

b) Jugendticket (valid for the whole province of Upper Austria and for the whole year – 1. Sept. to 31. Aug.)

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