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Considering the Anton Bruckner International School?

As a parent of now my third child to enter the school I thought I could give some independent feedback to those parents from near and far looking at the school.

My original motivation for placing my children in the school, the first back in 2008, was to give my children contact with an international student body. Simply put, meet kids from around the world and hopefully my children will realise that the world is bigger than “Linz”, “Austria”, “Europe” etc.

The IB program was an unknown to me, and as such wasn’t, a deciding factor. Over the last 10 years I can confirm that not only the children have learnt, but I myself have understood the concept. I am increasingly fascinated and enthused at the way my children use the knowledge and attributes in every day situations. The vocabulary is used regularly by my children, “risk taker” “thinker” etc , to overcome every day situations that all children are confronted with. Their systematic approach to these situations, and their abilty to logically anaylize the situation, structure what the need to do to overcome the situation continues to impress me.


To put it in simple terms, its not the typical case of knowing the answer, (parrot fashion) to a posed question rather having the abilty to know what they have to do (research, communicate, take risks etc) to answer ANY question. I see the results of this daily and am very proud that my children have this abilty thanks to the school.


Life v. Parenthood

As parents I believe we all strive to give our children the most stable environment possible, unfortunately “Life” sometimes throws us curve balls.

Whether you are relocating for career reasons or any other reasons we all have concerns as parents how our children will adapt.

In my case, becoming a surprise single dad presented its own set of challenges for me and my children. The school takes an active interest in our children’s lives and as such can support and help with “outside” influences and challenges that our children are confronted with, to the extent of integrating some of the challenges, if appropriate, into class discussions/projects.


The schools “heart” has been invaluable to me as a parent for helping my children through “Life” and its curve balls.

So in conclusion, “Considering the Anton Bruckner School?”

I personally wouldn’t place my children anywhere else.

Christopher Juan-Hofer




Dear Ms. Sandy,

We are really grateful for everything you have done for Oliver over these six months. He has had incredible progress in so many ways: he has learned English so well, started to read, do maths. I really think that you very successfully make the IB program work. The IB learner’s profile is definitely showing not only in class but at home as well.
I think you are a very talented and inspiring pedagogue and class leader.
Thank you for all the love, thought and energy you have given to our son.
All the best in your future work!
With greetings from Oliver,


Thank you again for a great drama performance today! It is so sad that we won’t be seeing the children like this here again. And I am sorry that it has taken me so long to e-mail you, hope it is not too late! As I said to you after the portfolio conference we have been so pleased with the school and we are really sad that we have to go back and place the children in a normal school again. I used to be happy with their old school but after this year I want more for my children and I see that they have so much more capacity for learning. And I am so impressed by you teachers at LISA. You don’t only teach the children to be smart but you teach them to have good values and be good people, and I really appreciate that and admire you for your work. And you really see each child for who he/she is and understand their background. My children have felt safe at school from the very beginning and have loved the school and the teachers. We are so grateful for the time Sander has had with you at ELC. He has had a great time and has learned a lot in so many ways. He now speaks English fluently and German a bit, and is so nice and decent that he is a pleasure to bring anywhere. He can stand in front of people and sing and act, that has never happened, and he is so confident. Thank you again, we will miss you!


Dear ELC Team!

In search for a multicultural and open-minded last kindergarten year we decided to place our son in the early learning centre at LISA JUNOIR.

We liked the opportunity of having him in English speaking surrounding.

We didn’t regret our decision. He developed so many different skills during this year.

  • inventive curiosity
  • exploratory spirit
  • taking care of others
  • opening the mind for different cultures
  • getting well balanced
  • show principled behaviour

After this year he shows no reluctance to switch between both languages (German and English) depending on the person he talks to.

The group was smoothly guided through the year from the very ambitious and motivated team. Ms. Sandy. Ms. Charlie and Ms Monika did a great job.

Thank you so much for the wonderful year with you all in the early learning group at LISA JUNIOR.



I just wanted to write a little email to let you know how fantastic Karina’s experience in the ELC has been so far. She is a different person since starting with you in September.She loves the phonics and was delighted to take her first reading book home. I admit it was a problem stopping her reading it at bedtime but she was one very proud little girl. The interest she now has in materials is wonderful. She was so excited to spot a log truck on the way home from school. Every night in bed she tells me something about her ELC day. She informed me yesterday that she is a communicator because she knows a bit of other languages.  Tonight she told me all about the picture activity for Three Little Pigs. She loved guessing what the pages in the book were.  Big thanks for making her first experience of school so positive!




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