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Dear parents of Anton Bruckner International School

The Anton Bruckner PTO (Parent/ Teacher Organization) is being organized to help oversee the needs and development of the school. We intend to sponsor parties and activities for our children and help with fund raising efforts. All the money we raise will help fund classroom supplies and a lot more for our school.

The PTO depends on your annual donation of € 10 per family to keep all sorts of wonderful things happening for the children of Anton Bruckner International School. Please give the money to your homeroom during the December Parent-Teacher-Conference.

We already have planned some events for this school year:

1) Weekly fruit basket

2) Healthy snack every other week. The kids can eat whatever they want. You find the dates in your calendar. Costs: 10€/term

3) “St. Nikolaus” is coming in December.

4) Buffet at the Festival of Light, Peace and Family on December 22nd.

5) Junior Marathon

6) Cookie Bake/ Cookie Sale in May

7) Walkathon in June

8) School is out Party

In order to organize all these events, we do need YOUR help. We kindly ask you to support us as much as you can! Please feel free to contact us. We really appreciate your help!!!

As in the last years, the PTO will be producing our Yearbook for the school year 2017/18 as well. For this purpose, we seek sponsors who can support us financially by buying advertisement space in the yearbook. More information is coming soon.

Last but not least, we will organize PTO Morning Coffees  in the lunchroom. There you have the chance to speak to other parents and teachers. Keep yourself updated on the school calendar of School Update and we hope we meet you there!

We would like to thank you for your support and generous donation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I wish you a wonderful autumn and I am looking forward seeing you at one of our events.

Best regards,

the NEW PTO Chairladies


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