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Anton Bruckner International School  gets its funds and resources from the Upper Austrian Government, numerous Upper Austrian Corporates, the City of Linz and the Austrian Ministry of Education and Culture.

However, being an International School in its first years of establishment we welcome any other funds, sponsorships, donations, payments in kind and any other help and resources which contribute to any further improvement of infrastructure (laptops, beamers, books, science materials, technique boxes), vouchers, sport equipment and resources, material and help for any school and sport events and needs whenever needed.
We are also highly interested to fund any other specific needs and cost for any additional after school activities, science, culture and drama lessons and science presentations with corporates and museums and theatres all over Austria.

Our understanding of sponsoring is a very open and frank one. Schools never have too much money and resources, and are happy to receive donations and resources wherever and from whomever they can get it.


Please contact the principal for any further information.

We are sponsored by:

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